Remote Work Association

Where virtual business leaders unify to fuel the future of location-flexible work






By joining the RWA, you are integrating yourself into a peer group that speaks your language of virtual leadership. These relationships prove their value as you look for tool recommendations, want to compare your ops model to another distributed team, or are looking to fill a position in your team.

Roundtable Events

The media is full of noise about the benefits of remote work, but our members crave a deeper conversation. Twice a month, we discuss the impact of virtual jobs on topics like economic development, environmental sustainability, or insurance coverage, which are designed to be valuable for members’ market research and growth strategies.

Publicity Opportunities

As the “remote revolution” continues to gain traction, distributed companies are seeing increased value in marketing and recruiting by positioning their brand as remote-friendly. The RWA finds and screens gigs for you to showcase your thought leadership, such as event presentations, podcast interviews, and article writing.


Preventing social and informational isolation for the executives that fuel the future of work.



Roundtable Discussion

Each month, the RWA hosts two private virtual events in which remote work experts gather to discuss a topic proposed by our members. Conversations are designed to be organic, interactive (including open Q&As, polls, chats, and even audience loop-ins), and impactful, based on valuable topics that can influence the market research and growth strategies of your remote-friendly brand.

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Roundtable attendees include executives from:

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…and more!


As remote work leaders, we invest significant resources to prevent the isolation of our team members. It’s time for us to build the same support structure for ourselves.



Are you a remote leader looking for some collaboration and support? 

We get it. Working remotely can be isolating. Especially if you and your business are new to a virtual operations model. It's easy to wonder if you're doing things right, or if there is a better way? Here in the RWA, we'll connect you with the resources and peers you need to build your location-independent company with confidence. 

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Remote work is about setting your team free to be the best it can be, wherever that might be.

— Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson




What exactly does membership include?

We’re all busy professionals, so we pledge to keep the membership as simple and efficient as possible. Right now, membership includes just 3 emails per month that contain the following information:

  • Invitation to two live, monthly virtual roundtable discussions about high-level remote work topics.

  • Sharing of speaking, interview, investment, and writing opportunities for remote thought leaders from industry events, podcasts, and publications. 

  • Personal introductions to other association members, as requested.

What does membership not include?

The last thing your day needs is more appointments and notifications, so in the spirit of “aint nobody got time for that,” the RWA was intentionally designed to NOT be the following:

  • Another time-draining community, networking group, or Slack channel. Two emails a month. Period. 

  • Open to the public. This is a white glove, invitation-only "club" for mid-level+ management of large remote-friendly companies and advocacy organizations.

  • Local event, conference, or meet up platform. All virtual, all the time.

Is there an opportunity for me to share my remote work expertise?

Yes! That is the entire purpose of the RWA - to share their innovative ideas and strategies about how they are making the most of their flexible work models. You can do so privately in our monthly virtual roundtables, or publicly by  applying to the publicity opportunities that are shared each month with our members.

Will my contact information be visible to all RWA members?

No. A list of names and companies will be published internally, but as busy and high-profile leaders, we respect and prioritize your privacy, so your email address will never be shared. Members may network together during our roundtable events, or request a personal introduction to another member from our management team. Otherwise, that is what LinkedIn is for.  

How will Roundtables be hosted?

Twice a month, three experts will be invited to discuss a topic proposed by the RWA members. The event will be hosted on Crowdcast, with Q&A, chat, and guest speaking features activated so that all attendees will be able to actively participate in the discussion.  

How often are membership fees due?

Never! Surprise! In the spirit of advocacy for virtual work models, the Remote Work Association is free for all members. In return, we just ask that you help spread the word to other credible thought leaders.